The aims for which The Garden is established are as follows:

  1. To work with the people of Goytre to bring about a Community Garden for the benefit of the whole community regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, class, ethnic origin, nationality, disability or political or other opinions.
  2. To improve the Garden Area which is the land behind Capel Ed Church, Goytre, and the existing borders and planting spaces within the Church grounds.
  3. To manage and maintain the Garden Area for the benefit of the people of Goytre.
  4. To protect and promote the green spaces, amenities and the environment.
  5. To work with the local councils and any other local organisations, professional or voluntary, for the benefit of all community gardeners.
  6. To promote and encourage a community spirit through gardening.
  7. To promote equal opportunities within the community and especially to engage with younger people.
  8. To promote and develop a culture and opportunities for growing food, cooking and sourcing local products.
  9. To provide information to all members and regularly consult with them using a variety of means as decided on by the Committee.